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Suzanne Sherry



With over 20 years of experience in global leadership roles across large and mid-sized organizations, Suzanne's passion as a consultant lies in developing individuals and teams who excel in performance and engagement within the workplace. She recognizes that employees are an organization's most valuable asset - and she understands how enhancing their skills in influence and cross functional collaboration can significantly impact both individual and business performance.

Suzanne is known for asking incisive questions that not only help identify the core of an issue or problem, but that also serve as catalysts for behavioral transformation. As a facilitator, she deeply listens to understand the actual challenges and needs of the group, ensuring that the solutions to follow are genuinely effective and enduring. Her enthusiasm, boundless energy, and focus on prioritizing the next steps are sources of motivation and inspiration to her clients, making new skills and solutions second nature.

When she's not serving clients, Suzanne enjoys spending time traveling, staying active, and attending concerts. In the summer, you'll find her stand-up paddle boarding, and in the winter, she's often on the slopes skiing. She has seen Bruce Springsteen play live nearly 100 times, and holds deep appreciation for many other musical groups. Suzanne is a proud parent of four remarkable adult children who bring her immense joy and serve as a continual source of motivation.


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