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Nicholas Starz

Business Development & Operations Director


Nicholas supports Finerty Consulting in a variety of ways, including relationship development, client service, communications, and operations management. He finds great fulfillment in watching clients of Finerty Consulting grow confidence and make plans for how they are going to flex their newfound influence muscles in the workplace.

In his previous career as a salesman, Nicholas developed a robust toolkit for connecting with all kinds of people - which naturally lends itself to the work that Finerty Consulting helps their clients do. He is genuinely fascinated by learning more about what other people are experiencing in their work lives - and how to leverage honest, human connection to help problem solve and offer a new perspective to those unsolvable problems. He has a particular interest in working with tech companies as tech workers (himself included) tend to very quickly grasp the value of cross functional influence.

Nicholas received a BA in History and Advertising/Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago, and is currently completing a MS in Computer Science from Northeastern Illinois University. He is deeply passionate about travel, having visited over 20 countries and 40 US states. He is continually expanding his technical and relational skill sets to better connect with the kinds of teams who benefit so much from Finerty Consulting services.


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