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Lynelle specializes in working with teams that are experiencing significant organizational change. Whether it's their first time working cross-functionally or they are just getting used to a new structure - she has a knack for putting people at ease while navigating new terrain. Clients champion her ability to take big picture ideas and transform them into interactive learning experiences that build the confidence and willingness needed to reach beyond one's comfort zone and explore change. As a result, participants in her programs are motivated to take action and make the personal shifts necessary to influence lasting change, elevate performance, and achieve business results.

Lynelle excels at helping cross-functional teams develop solid, effective partnerships built on collaboration and trust. She knows that we can't do anything in the matrix without trust, yet it's the most challenging part of the matrix to master. Whether coaching or facilitating,  Lynelle creates safe, highly-engaging learning environments that encourage participants to challenge the status quo, seize their personal "ah-ha" moments and explore new ways of thinking about trust and its impact on effectively working with others. Her clients value the personal growth and fresh perspectives they gain and are excited to make the investments needed to develop successful, long-term partnerships that will elevate their contributions at work and better enable business outcomes.

Lynelle has held management and senior management roles in large, well known corporations, and has served as a faculty member of Corporate Solutions at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. She has received certifications in Master the Matrix and Cross Functional Influence, and is currently pursuing an Executive Coaching Certification.

Lynelle enjoys time with family very much, and is currently in an empty-nest transition as she sends her only child off to college. She also enjoys gardening with her husband, fly fishing, cooking, and traveling with friends and family.


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