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Kristy is a seasoned coach, facilitator, and consultant who is passionate about helping technically brilliant people discover and grow the interpersonal skills that will enable their career success. With over 20 years of experience in organizational effectiveness and leadership development roles, she has led organization-wide initiatives focused on employee engagement, leadership development, and career development - and has acted as a trusted advisor to executives and their leadership teams.  She brings a pragmatic, immediately applicable approach to her clients that is grounded in solid, research-based theory - resulting in simple, powerful solutions that help reach their full potential.

The idea of “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” encapsulates the essence of collaborative work that is often counter-culture in many of the client organizations she works with, yet is the very shift that needs to happen for true matrix influence. Kristy is known for her ability to help people make this shift by asking tough questions and providing bold insight with warmth and presence. She doesn’t see behavior shift as a matter of willpower; rather it requires a peek “under the hood” at the beliefs and assumptions that guide our behaviors. Kristy supports her clients in the process of letting go what may be holding them back by being a deep, empathetic listener. She creates safe and courageous space for her clients to stretch and challenge themselves and she loves to bring levity and laughter into an otherwise serious process.

Kristy holds a BA in English and Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from Vermont College. She is a certified and experienced Professional Coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Kristy lives outside of Chicago with her family and serves as a member of her local school district’s Board of Education.


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