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Deb brings over 25 years of experience working with and within cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams - including extensive experience in pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, and other regulated industries. She has proven success in helping people alleviate the pain of ineffective communication, partnerships, roles and decision makers - and elevate their impact and success when working cross functionally and establishing long term relationships.

Not only does Deb share the technical content of the Master the Matrix and Cross-Functional Influence models, but also how to put it in context to specific situations. She helps her clients develop the awareness of who is part of the "ecosystem" that they work in - and be deliberate about who, when, how and why they partner and communicate with other functions, teams, leaders, and clients. One result of the work is that her clients start to look forward to (and enjoy!) their interactions and meetings, always coming out of them with new learnings and a positive, inspired approach to getting things done.

Deb holds an MSN and MBA with specializations in International Management & Organizational Behavior. She is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) - PCC credentialed coach and has completed a number of trainings and certifications in leadership development and people transformation.

Aside from work, Deb enjoys many activities: fishing, hiking, kayaking, gardening, quilting, baking, and road trips to explore small towns across the Midwest. Most of all, she loves time with her husband, kids, and grandkids.


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