Case Study / Consulting

A Scaling Start-Up Developing Three New In Class Products Needs to Accelerate the Growth of Their Culture


This organization was moving very successfully through product development, heading to commercialization and needed to grow their culture in a way that would sustain this transition.


A collaborative approach between Finerty Consulting partners and the client was determined:

Using the Master the Matrix model as a framework for a common language, a four part solution unfolded over 18-months:

  • Part 1:  Developing the cross-functional language and skill of the core R&D team members–including team interventions, workshops, assessments and individual coaching.
  • Part 2:  Expand the framework into the governing and adjacent teams–including the senior management, functional leadership and manufacturing leadership
  • Part 3:  Further expand into the organization surrounding and supporting all of the teams to begin embedding the nomenclature and behavioral expectations throughout the organization
  • Part 4:  Deep dive into decision-making through an innovative hand-on, employee-led approach to using common process, philosophy and tools.  This was supported by a rewards and recognition program and internal communications campaign.


Despite budget cuts and other challenges, this program prevails and is in its fourth year.  Participants are nominated by their leader to attend and at any given point there are waitlists to fill the next two cohorts. It is the flagship development process for R&D and is being replicated across the corporation.


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