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e-Learning Modules: Perfect For “Locationally-Challenged” Organizations


Video-based learning is a great way to encourage ongoing dialogue and learning, especially for geographically dispersed organizations. Finerty Consulting provides video learning modules that are interactive, practical, and application-based.

The Master the Matrix Video Learning Series is a two hour module designed to be self guided or used in groups. This module introduces you to the 7 Essentials and helps you begin to assess and action plan for improving your ability to navigate your matrix role. For self-study, a downloadable participant guide is provided. For groups, a downloadable participant guide and leader guide are included.

For organizations that really want to integrate the Master the Matrix concepts through our video learning modules, Finerty Consulting can get internal resources up to speed to serve as “discussion leaders.” These discussion leaders can use the video-based learning and embedded discussion questions to directly apply and work through problems and challenges employees are facing. Brown Bag Lunches have never been so meaningful!

More Information

e-Learning Module: Sample Agenda

Download the Sample Agenda PDF!