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Matrix Tip of the Day

Use Role Definition Documents Proactively.

Teams that use role definitions as a way to substantiate claims of boundary breach are basically using the tool against each other. These conflicts are divisive, not collaborative, and team members miss opportunities to use the role definition documents proactively in planning how they would get things done.

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Teams With Trust Move In And Out Of Roles Fluidly.

Roles may not always be crystal clear, but a bigger issue can be trust. Do teams that trust each other need roles documented at a high level of detail? Teams with high trust tend to move in and out of roles fluidly, not taking much offense if liberties are taken with how roles are carried out.

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Involve People In Creating The Role Document.

Because the dialogue that goes into creating the role document is so rich, bring as many people as is practical into this process. For a reporting relationship matrix, include both bosses and bring in the employee to review the document. For teams, bring the full team together to discuss and include their bosses in a review discussion. The closer people are to the construction of this plan and the more opportunity they have to ask questions, the better your product and their understanding will be.

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Deal With Boundary Breach In The Right Way.

There will always be questions about “who does what” in a matrix—there is no way to thoroughly and conclusively define roles in organizations as dynamic as these. A little investment in defining roles upfront can provide a framework, and trust will help smooth out the rough edges. When the inevitable boundary breach comes up, dealing with it in the right way can not only resolve the conflict but strengthen the partnership.

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Role Clarity Doesn’t Provide The Full Picture In a Dynamic Matrix Role.

Organizational charts, job titles and job descriptions are all great starting points for role clarity, but they certainly don’t provide the full picture of a dynamic matrix role. Assumptions and misunderstandings happen in matrix roles because you are working without lane markers. As one interviewee described to me, “At the start of the year, the starting gun goes off, and you begin the race toward your goal. You may start in your own lane, but pretty soon everyone is focused on the finish line, not on their lane or who they are bumping into on their way down the track.”

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