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“Susan was very warm and had a lot of discussions that offered a great way for us to put our learned concepts into practical use.”
“I really enjoyed this workshop, and I think everyone should have had the opportunity to attend. It was great that it was a smaller group so it could be more engaging.”
“I loved the fact that Susan pushed us to think differently about life in corporate America. I truly enjoyed this session, and she made it a comfortable environment in which we could truly engage in conversation.”
“I think everyone should take this workshop! It was good to acknowledge that most organizations are complex, not just our company, and that there are ways to be influential and effective in this setting. Susan was wonderful and honest and helped us apply this to situations we are in now to start applying these right away!”
“Material was very well presented. Susan is a SME (subject matter expert) and was able to present the material in a way that was digestible and practical. Also her book is one of the best leadership books I have read in quite some time.”
“The information Susan provided us is simple, yet incredibly practical and very helpful. She kept us engaged the entire time and I would definitely participate again!”